Tactical Pen for Survival and Self Defense with Tungsten Tip Glass Breaker for Emergency Escape with Bright Push Button LED Flashlight and Ballpoint

Acadia Premium Products Tactical Penis durable and reliable and fits conveniently in your pocket, purse or backpack for protection and self-defense in a moment’s notice. Sure, it’s a business or writing pen to take notes but it’s not your average writing implement in the least. Made from machined stainless steel our pen contains a tempered window-shattering tungsten carbide tip design which can be used to break a windshield for emergency escape or to defend yourself from an unexpected attack. It also contains a powerful bright LED flashlight. Danger has a way of presenting itself when you least expect it. Police and military agree and have approved our tactical pen to be used in your daily routine to give you the peace of mind you deserve in our sometimes dangerous and unsafe world. Don't risk your life, or the life of your friends and family by purchasing an inferior product that might malfunction in your time of need! Don’t be without it…you will be glad to own this tactical pen!


Brand Name: Acadia Premium Products

Model number: B007-2

Application: self-defense / emergency escape / survival

Color: black

Length: 6.3 in.

Width: .5 in.

Weight: 1.5 oz.

Pen Head Material: metal, 6061 aircraft aluminum

Surface treatment: anodizing

Written Material: stainless steel embedded tungsten steel

Refill: High-quality metal pen core ballpoint refill

Functions: Ballpoint pen / LED flashlight / Glass breaker

LED light source / battery parameters:

Flashlight type: LED light

LED light source: Nichia up Brightness: 60 lumens

Battery: AG10 button batteries

Duration time: more than 10 hours or more

Refill(s): two battery refills included

Great Christmas Gift!

  • SURVIVE IN A SERIOUS CAR ACCIDENT by breaking a window with the point of this pens’ aircraft aluminum impact resistant stainless steel tungsten carbide tip. Made of strong and solid quality material our new impromptu defender pen is designed to protect you in an unexpected attack or to get you out of trouble.
  • HANDY FOR MANY USES WITH PREMIUM FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS this high performance quality product includes an excellent writing pen, a powerful bright removable LED flashlight and a strong and sturdy pocket clip.
  • FITS CONVENIENTLY AND DISCREETLY IN YOUR POCKET, PURSE, HANDBAG OR BACKPACK. Makes available in a moment’s notice for emergencies, self defense or escape. Appearing as just an ordinary black pen to an outsider this durable multi tool carry kit can be easily hidden and will provide you with a feeling of security and control in your daily routine.
  • GIVE THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY SPECIAL OCCASION with this stylish and reliable multifunctional pen to your family and friends in the attractive gift box provided. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness for their safety as well as giving you and your loved one’s peace of mind.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY. We stand behind our pen with the highest confidence that you will love it as much as we do.

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