Exercise Ball for Balance, Stability, Yoga, Pilates, Swiss, Birthing, Office Desk Chair Balls | Size Options | Anti Burst, Non Slip | Pump, Inflation Tape, Exercise Tips, Fitness eBook (Purple, 65 cm)

ALL-IN-ONE HOME EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR A VARIETY OF STABILITY BALL FUNCTIONS: Use our exercise balls for a wide array of active exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or CrossFit to tone muscles, increase cardiovascular endurance, build strength, and even control your weight. The versatility of our balance ball stretches beyond exercise into activities such as correcting posture, providing play therapy, relaxation, and labor support during birthing. Stability balls (or yoga balls) are perfect for work
NO POP WITH HIGH ANTI-BURST RATING FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY YOU CAN LEAN ON: We don’t call our Exercise Ball a stability ball for nothing. With an ultra-high anti-burst rating of 2000 lbs, it doesn’t pop like a balloon when punctured by sharp objects, which is what happens with lower-rated balls. Instead, it slowly deflates and protects you from injury during vigorous exercise or while using it as a desk chair.
NO DROP WITH ANTI-SLIP MATTE SURFACE FOR A SECURE GRIP: Whether you’re using it as a yoga ball, swiss ball, therapy ball, fitness ball or a general fitness ball, you’ll enjoy lying on, bouncing, rolling, or lifting it. Its tactile lines blend with the smooth, hypoallergenic surface to provide comfortable, non-slip contact with your skin without the sticky feel.
EVEN, ALL-AROUND THICKNESS RETAINS SHAPE BETTER THROUGH TIME: The higher the anti-burst rating, the thicker the casing to create a greater resistance to punctures and to prevent air from seeping through the surface. It makes a perfect balance ball with its sturdy 0.2 cm PVC casing that stretches evenly across the ball surface, maintaining its shape longer and preventing it from rolling away. And if you have an issue, our 3-YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY protects your purchase.
CHOICE OF 45 CM, 55 CM, 65 CM AND 75 CM SIZE BALANCE BALLS TO SUIT YOUR HEIGHT: The quality and comfort level of your exercise depends on selecting the correct ball size that can support your height and body type. Whether you use our swiss balls for exercise, or as a desk chair, our sizing chart can help you find the ideal ball size to ensure safety and comfort when you use it. Buy now and receive our free eBook “The 7 Secrets To Your Ideal Body” eBook (emailed separately).

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