Cell Phone Charger - Solar & Plugin - 8000mah Dual USB

  • COMPATIBLE WITH VIRTUALLY ALL USB DEVICES - quickly charge iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Samsung, Motorola, GoPro, tablets, Kindle, GPS, and most other devices with USB connections. The perfect gift for anyone on the go!
  • CHARGE 2 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH ITS DUAL USB PORTS - there is a 2.1 amp port for quick charging of cell phones and tablets that can take advantage of that rate and a 1 amp port for longer-term charging.
  • HIGH-POWERED LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY - allows for up to 3 charges on most cell phones. Recharge the battery from a precharged in the absence of a power outlet. LED lights on the charger indicate amount of charge available - 25, 50, 75 and 10ower outlet in a few hours or use the solar recharge capability in emergency situations when sunlight is available and a device needs to be 0%.
  • RUGGED BUT STYLISH CASE FOR DURABILITY AND OUTDOOR USE - this compact rubber-encased charger is dustproof, shockproof to protect it when dropped, and waterproof for protection in the rain.
  • BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT INCLUDES CAUTION AND SOS SIGNALS - with the push of one button the charger can serve as a flashlight or a flashing caution and SOS signal. Excellent for outdoor, travel, beach and camping use.

The Acadia Premium Products 8000mah cell phone and USB device battery charger is a must-have in this age of necessary electronic devices. I am sure you have been in a situation where your cell phone has gone dead when travelling and you have felt helpless or even vulnerable without a means of communication.

This cell phone charger can be a tremendous time-saver and even life-saver in some situations. Plug your phone in and make it immediately usable even while it is being recharged. Its durable rubber casing gives you confidence that accidental drops or being caught in the rain won't affect its ability to charge your devices.

Our charger comes with a 100% unconditional guarantee to work properly and we will happily return your money if you are unsatisfied with the product in any way.

Product Includes:

- Phone Charger

- USB Cable for charging the device from wall power or for charging your cell phone

- Carabiner Clip for attaching charger to backpacks, bikes, belts and purses.

- Detailed user guide for its use

Note: The charger is waterproof from wetness such as rain but cannot be immersed in water.


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